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Spring Cleaning

In 2020, Ax3 had to think hard about our core values and work fast to gain the skills we needed to continue to honor those values. The word "pivot" was used a lot, but it was more of a repositioning than a true pivot. Now we are better equipped than ever to support our clients and their events in whatever strategic goals they may have.

You don't need a global pandemic to realign or reposition yourself.

Here are five key steps to do a little spring cleaning for you and your business:

  1. Make a list of three key values or principles that are meaningful for you. A good place to start is answering why you started your business in the first place.

  2. Take a deep dive into your financial books. Take a hard look at the realities of your business.

    1. Where are you in your spending? What is your monthly nut?

    2. Your client list, is it diverse or are you reliant on one or two clients?

    3. Your projections for the year, are they realistic?

    4. If all new work disappeared, how long could you stay in business?

  1. Following the principles you listed, make a list of three actions you can take to refocus your marketing, networking, and business development.

  2. Make a plan. Using your favorite project management tool schedule out your efforts. Remember to spread tasks out so that they are realistic and won't overwhelm you.

  3. Ask for help. Get an accountability partner or a mentor. Being a business owner does not have to be lonely or a solo project.

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