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What We Learned from 2022

Organizations are still managing the pandemic and reopening carefully and thoughtfully. In 2023, we believe this will continue especially with events they are considering to be held in person. Hybrid is still very important within the corporate world and we expect hybrid components to be part of our landscape going forward.

Three Top Tips for Hybrid Events

  1. Strongly consider the experience of the virtual audience. What will they see and touch in an event? How will they interact? Curate specific pieces of the event to engage the hybrid audience.

  2. Budget appropriately. You must account for the in-person event and the online experience for the audience. That means your budget will essentially be for 1.5 meetings.

  3. Be incredibly mindful of time zones. If you are in NYC at 11 AM EST, don’t lose sight that it’s 9:30 PM IST for an audience member in India. Plan accordingly for your audience.

For the full January newsletter go here - Studio News

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