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Bringing St. Patrick’s Day to an Office Party…

Everybody loves a good office party! Taking time to have a little shindig can boost company culture and employee morale. Since it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, what better time to celebrate - no Irish ancestry necessary! Here are some great tips for a lively St. Patrick’s Day party.

  1. Start with the sound! Find a fun Irish music playlist and bust a move!

  2. Next is the food! Enjoy Shepherd’s Pie, an Irish Stew, fresh soda bread, or maybe some colcannon.

  3. Many of us learned that in Irish folklore, leprechauns are quite the pranksters. If you and your coworkers are up for it, try out a reasonable prank or two for some good sports.

  4. Want to play a good game? How about a treasure hunt where the winner will get rewarded if they find the hidden pot of gold coins?

  5. Is your workplace not quite befitting a casual celebration? Grab the crew and head to your nearest Irish pub instead!

  6. Drink it up! Scroll down a bit for a traditional Irish cocktail, grab a Guinness, or maybe even another bright green liquid refreshment.

  7. Share some history about the origins of the holiday. St. Patrick’s Day was created to honor St. Patrick driving the “snakes” out of Ireland and has deep historical and religious roots. Today, it’s a celebration of Irish heritage and culture. Encourage employees to learn about the origins of the holiday and Irish culture, or share some folklore with your team.

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