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Clients & Partners

Our Clients Are Not Just Companies

They are a team of people tasked with executing an event on time, and on budget. 
From idea to execution, Ax3 Studios is their partner and secret weapon.

Below are a few for you to browse. For a complete list, please reach out.

Our client since 2009, we have produced countless videos, ten of their annual Global Forums and numerous other events.


We have been working with MasterCard since 2015 on various events including, Force for Good, Leadership Meeting and the Tech Sync.


In 2020, we started working with Smile Train producing their Global Meeting virtually. Since then we have worked on numerous other events both online and in-person.


At the start of the pandemic we supported their efforts to move their annual "Year In Infrastructure" event online. We continue to work with them today on various aspects of hybrid and video production.


In 2020 Ax3 Studios joined the podcasting world producing six weekly series for OffScrip Health.


Our first UN Global Compact event was a gala in 2016. Since then we have worked on various events both in and outside of the United Nations.


Aryn and her team are fantastic to work with - knowledgeable, creative and inventive, enthusiastic, and extremely dedicated. Aryn has pulled a rabbit out of her hat more than once for me before while working on branding, print design, staging, video- you name it- for my organization's Global Forum.

I highly recommend her.

Leslie Klion, Director, Global Events, AJC

Our Partners

Other event people are our favorite people and we often parter with them. 

Below are a few, if you want a complete list please reach out.

Our collaboration with Cohn Creative started in 2014 and has been going strong since. We work on a variety of mastercard events together.


In 2018, AJC brought its Global Forum to Jerusalem and we had the good fortune of partnering with Tamar Lurye and the Eshet Incoming team. We have been collaborating ever since.


Isn't Panavid an A/V vendor, you ask? Yes, but they are also our partners. We often support them onsite with project management and other logistics.


2016 is when our collaboration began, with a gala dinner for the UN Global Compact and we have been working together since.


We started working with Jason Weible long before Mixed Space was even a twinkle in his eye.


We don't really believe in competition, only collaboration. We have what we like to do and are good at, and so do you. Our motto where this is concerned is, "Do what you love, and hire us to do the same."

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