Take A Breather

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With COVID-19 slowing down a lot of businesses and even personal decisions of leisure time, a lot of us are in a constant cycle of trying to figure out how to outsmart the illness and still live normally.

We’ve encouraged you to stay focused, make your strategic 2021 plan, and now we encourage you to rest. It is super important in this climate to take a moment to take care of your mental health. While being productive may be one of the ways you stay sane, we challenge you to find an online yoga class, pilates class, meditation app, a good new book to read, or even time to take a nap in the middle of the day.

We are firm believers that if you reset your brain by taking time to rest, you will be even more productive when it’s time to start working again. We’re not asking you to quit working for a full week, rather take at least an hour a day for some sort of resting activity. If exercising isn’t your thing, there are tons of new relaxing hobbies to pick up during this time. From cooking new dishes to painting, we are sure you can find something new to try and love!

A lot of the times we are always on the go, stop for a second and be thankful for the rest time we’ve been given. This disease has caused a lot of worry amongst our nation and worldwide. Worry can cause even more diseases, and we want you to be even stronger when it’s time for us to try to get back to normal.

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