Cracking the Ice

Most people aren’t equipped to cut through the awkwardness of a social gathering just to make a new contact or two. Others have no choice. Skipping the gathering is not an option, especially with event tracking devices communicating every break out session attendance or bar visit. We get it. Which is why we have come up with a hot list of ice breaking opening lines to use on just about anyone as conversation joiners or starters.

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Creating Creativity

As a mother, wife and business owner, I often find myself at the end of either of these two spectrums. A.) a very controlled tightly run ship which is basically running on autopilot or B.) surrounded by missing socks, forgotten lunches and a surge of business productivity.

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The Checklist Manifesto

Maintaining a standard base recipe for your secret sauce as event planners can help you stay out of the weeds when it comes to the fun details, and help keep you organized. Creating an ultimate checklist however can improve efficiencies, help you make more money and definitely save you time.

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Cell Phone

Cell Phone Social

At a conference last weekend, I found myself surrounded by people who were being extremely social…with their phone. Despite hundreds of actual human beings within a few feet, the majority were head down, face illuminated, typing away, even as they were interacting. According to the Pew Research Center this is as unsurprising as it is

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