What’s the Big Idea about Ideas

Have you ever lost your train of thought mid-ride? Instead of barreling full speed ahead into your brilliant proclamation, something else popped up. Suddenly, your enthusiasm was replaced with the panicked urgency of thinking (often out loud) “crap, crap, crap, what was I literally JUST thinking!?!?”

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Creating Creativity

As a mother, wife and business owner, I often find myself at the end of either of these two spectrums. A.) a very controlled tightly run ship which is basically running on autopilot or B.) surrounded by missing socks, forgotten lunches and a surge of business productivity.

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Successful Streaming

“Can you hear me now?” the catch phrase capturing the annoying lack of cell phone coverage is, in current times, replaced with “Can you see me now?” (Followed by “What about now? I can see you…wait where did you go…?”) of the virtual meeting era.

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