Spring Cleaning : Your Home & Inbox

As much as we hate spring cleaning, it’s all worth it after right? Spring cleaning is more than just mopping / sweeping your floor, cleaning your window shades, etc.  We now have to spring clean digitally as well. How many emails do you get a day that you don’t open? How many lists are you subscribed to that you no longer use their products or service? It’s time to declutter!

Having a clean home is even more important now than it was before.  A lot of our homes have also become our work space.  How can you focus on accomplishing your work goals in the house if it isn’t a clean and serene environment.  Lighting a candle on a dusty table surrounded by paperwork, while may not seem like such a big deal, could totally feel a lot better on a clean table.  Small changes can make a huge difference in how you feel and how productive you are.

 Let’s say you like to sit in the sunshine / in front of a window when you work.  Instead of just wiping down the blinds, go the extra mile and wipe the inside of your windows as well. Subtle changes can affect your mood and how productive you are.  According to basic safe, “having too much clutter can cause people to have increased levels of stress and anxiety.  This will greatly affect the workflow, causing unnecessary obstacles. If you can’t find a paper you need, this will cause increased stress and anxiety.  Clutter can also cause a business to lost money”.  A cluttered environment isn’t worth a peace of mind.

Now, that we’ve spoken about a cluttered home, let’s address that cluttered inbox.  There is no reason to have over 1000 emails in your inbox.  While this is a judgement free zone, that’s insane.  Take some time to delete, unsubscribe or whatever it is you need to do to declutter your digital space as well.  That email list that you subscribed to over 10 years ago, that you no longer serves a purpose in your life, unsubscribe.  Our phones make it so easy to unsubscribe these days, take advantage. 

As we are about to enter a new season, it’s time to declutter. Here’s to a clean house and a clean inbox.

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