Sponsorship and a Virtual Event

A topic of concern for many of our clients is, how do you manage sponsorships on a virtual platform, and what opportunities are available? 

A virtual event, as I have said many times before. is not the same as a live event and, yes, the interactions are different. This does not mean though that there are not some creative ways to get your sponsors in front of your participants in a meaningful way.

The more obvious and familiar options:

  • Naming a session or participating as a speaker
  • Naming a virtual happy hour or networking session
  • Banners on the event website
  • Logo and/or mention on all marketing including invites, social media etc.
  • Mentions in the session and on recognition slides
  • Goodie bag swag (this obviously will need to be mailed for the foreseeable future)

The digital space, and virtual meetings in general, are an opportunity for a world of content that would not normally exist, or as a host, you may not have considered because time and physical space is so precious in a live event. During virtual conferences you are going to want to keep the flow of engagement high and impactful. Why not partner with your sponsors to participate in that flow.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Sponsor “commercials” between sessions
  • Including your sponsors in the Networking and allowing sponsors and participants to match to each other.
  • An additional track for sponsor “Talks” or pitch sessions
  • Virtual exhibition booths
  • Branding opportunities for whole sections of your platform and /or pop-up banners.

While the relationship between your sponsors and your participants is not the same, in some ways it can be better. Since the space is more curated, the engagement can be more deliberate and reap greater reward for both.

Remember that your sponsors are your partners. They are looking not only to expand their brand, they want to support the expansion of yours. Include them in your content strategies in real life and virtual in the world and you both will win.

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