Setting Realistic Goals


Let’s be honest, when 2021 started, we were optimistic. We thought the pandemic was coming to an end and things we’re going to go back to normal. Well, here we are, still in the pandemic and almost sorta kind of back at the beginning.  Cases are up, people are back In the house and unfortunately businesses are closing again.  With this, we want to help everyone set realistic goals.  Not to defer you from dreaming big, but dreaming more realistically.

Set Weekly Short-Term Goals: Setting weekly goals, helps you accomplish bigger picture goals.  Let’s say you have a big project to complete in 3 months.  If you set weekly smaller goals, each one is a step closer to completing that big goal.  Sometimes you want to set the bar really high, but having smaller goals to help you achieve that bigger goal might actually get you there faster. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help: Having a team to assist in achieving those goals is probably the best thing you could ever do.  When we set realistic goals, we’re able to identify exactly what we’re capable of.  This doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself, but if you can ask for help, do! There’s no shame in getting help.  Again this is something that could help you achieve your goal even faster.  The time you could potentially be wasting on learning how to do something could be saved just bringing on someone to help you.  

The Struggle is Not Worth the Stress: Why struggle? Why stress? Sometimes when we try to overdo things, the tasks become more stressful than they are worth. Setting realistic goals, or even weekly goals is a form of eliminating unnecessary stress.  Don’t get us wrong, but the realistic goals could already naturally bring on some form of stress. Why add even more stress by setting unrealistic goals.

As your online support system, we want to encourage you to accomplish all that your heart desires, but in the climate we’re in, we want to make sure it’s realistic.  For example, as much as we’d love to host in-person events, with the rise in cases, virtual events are probably  the best course of action to assure the safety of our clients and attendees. If we start planning some big convention now and by August 2022, there’s a stay at home mandate, a lot of the hard word we would have put in would be unnecessary.

All in all, we want everyone to be successful, but safe. When you create that vision board, there is no limit to what you can do, just make sure it’s realistic.

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