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Corporate Events



Conferences & Summits

Whether it's 50 or 50,000 participants, Ax3 Studios understands the unique, sensitive requirements of policy summits, international conferences, annual meetings, sales kickoffs or whatever is on your event calender.


Fundraisers & Galas

NGOs require budgets, we understand that. With a proven track record of successful fundraising events from golf outings to galas, we can help you hit those annual goals.


Retreats & Internal Events

Building a healthy corporate culture is key to retention. From lunch & learns to exotic retreats with extreme team building we can help you create an experience your staff will talk about at the "water cooler" for months.



Fully Remote

  • Looking for a virtual platform for a fully remote event?

  • Have a platform, but are just not getting the results or engagement you had hoped for?

  • Struggling with time zones hosting a truly global event?

Ax3 Studios is uniquely positioned to help support your virtual event. We have demo'd well over 500 platforms and can help you leverage the right one for your event goals. 

As engagement experts, we can help you with strategies on retention, engagement and long tail returns on your event investment.


Mixed Audiences

  • Want to host an event with audiences in-person, but be able to communicate globally?

  • Have teams in one city but your C'Suite is in another?

  • Need to have a regional sales kickoff but your region is all of South Asia?

Leveraging in person audiences with an online connection, bringing a whole area together without flying everyone in, or bringing online speakers to an in-person audience are things Ax3 Studios was doing before it was cool. Hybrid offers so many cost effective solutions, that when done right, can be very powerful.


Remote Speakers

  • Have a high value speaker that either can't or won't travel?

  • Don't have the budget to fly a speaker in?

  • A speaker is stuck at the airport or their passport went missing?

In our post-COVID landscape not all speakers are willing or able to travel, and why should they? Ax3 Studios has been bringing in speakers remotely since 2019 and we love the flexibility this brings to our clients.

Private Parties




  • Videos for playing at your event.

  • Video capture of your event.

  • Prerecorded speakers for an in-person or hybrid event. 

  • Uploading all the video content from your event to your social channels

  • Hosting a broadcast booth a la Monday Night Football

Ax3 Studios does it all.


Event Design

  • Swag / Premiums

  • Selfie Walls

  • Decor

  • Stage Sets

Event design is so much more than just a step & repeat pop-up.

At Ax3 Studios we can create an entire branded, immersive environment for your participants with"selfie" opportunities 




  • Power Point

  • Keynote

  • Google Slides

  • Prezie

  • And so many more ... 

Slides and/or presentations don't have to be deadly. Ax3 Studios creates engaging presentations that you would swear were info-graphics or event the stage set themselves.


Where We Work

We have not quite made it to space yet, but here are a few of our favorite countries to work in:

  • Argentina

  • Costa Rica

  • Germany

  • Ireland

  • Israel

  • Nigeria

  • Portugal

  • Thailand

  • United States (We are based in NYC)

  • United Kingdom

  • Virtually 

Don't see your country listed? Don't worry we have a secret sauce for sourcing local teams and combine them with our team leads no matter the location.

Want to know more? Contact us!

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