Summer Fun, Family Fun, but Make It Safe!!

Hello Summer! This Summer looks a lot different than last year, and we are hoppy about it.  If there’s one thing we also learned last year is to not take family time for granted.  With that, we wanted to offer some family fun for you and the kids this Summer.  Our suggestions are not only great, but still adhere to all safety guidelines implemented to individual cities. When we say kids, it doesn’t have to be your kids.  It could be your grandkids, nieces / nephews, etc.  Either way, these suggestions are guaranteed family fun for everybody!

  1. Go hiking – There are so many beautiful national treasures outside.  Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and see beautiful sites.  Some hiking locations even have waterfalls, so it’s a great way to sweat a little and then cool off.  Most hiking locations also come with trail maps, so you don’t get lost.  We recommend this adventure for those with children that are little older, at least 10, unless its a super easy trail or one that also has a playground 
  2. Have a family picnic – Who doesn’t like outside fun and food.  Probably one of the best combinations of the Summer.  You can even involve the kids, like letting them help prepare the picnic food.  Although it could be corny, it could also be fun having an assembly line in the kitchen for sandwich making.  We guarantee the children are not only going to cherish the moment, but eating that sandwich at the picnic is going to mean so much more to them. Again, finding locations with a playground or water sprinklers is always a good idea (don’t forget the change of clothes!)
  3. Depending on the age of the children, visiting your cities children’s museum is always a good idea.  These types of museums are usually for younger children, because there are so many cute activities for them to participate in. Older children may find it a bit boring.  The children that do enjoy it are guaranteed to not only have fun, but also learn cool facts too! If the children are a little older, there are other museum options.  Try finding like a cool Spy museum or something super interactive to hold their interest.
  4. Take a bike ride, boat ride or roller skating.  Just incase you can’t do one, we’ve listed a few others.  Bike riding is pretty easy, and cities have so many bike rental locations.  If it’s super hot, try a cool boat ride (including paddle boats).  If you don’t feel comfortable, there are awesome tourism boat rides you can sign up for.  Skating isn’t everyone’s strong suit, so it’s a little adventurous, but if you can, we’re sure you’ll get major brownie points from the kids showing them your moves.  When all else fails, let them skate, and you walk.  
  5. Visit the most well known tourist attraction in your area. If you’ve already been, find one you and the family haven’t been to.  For example, if you live in New York, instead of going to Central Park, try taking the family to Coney Island.  If you live in the D.C. area and you all have gone to the monument,  try visiting the Lincoln memorial around sunset time. If you live in California and you always go to Santa Monica Piers, try finding a beach the family has never been to.  There are so many new places that have opened up, so it’s worth doing your research!

We definitely recommend trying these activities during the week.  It’s a lot less crowded during that time, which helps with feeling like you’re safe. As I’m sure you’ve also noticed most of these activities are ones that take place outside.  That’s because outside activities are a lot safer than inside activities at the moment.  Either way, wear your mask, go out and have fun!

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