& Here We Go! Welcome 2021

Let’s admit it, with recent events 2021 is already off to a rough start.  The pandemic continues, there’s all this craziness surrounding politics, and getting our kid to sit at a computer for several hours is still a very hard task.  We’re constantly asking ourselves where is the silver lining? There has to be one, right?

The answer is YES! We may not know every answer, but we have hope that things will change soon. There are several ways to create your own silver lining through simple mental health exercises.  We are no experts, but we are human and facing the same challenges that you are. Thus, we wanted to share these simple tips that we use, in hopes it will help you too.

  1. Find a therapist. — Having someone outside of family and friends to talk to is always helpful.  This is a good old fashioned way to make sure your mental health state is in a good place.
  2. At-Home Yoga & Meditation — There are so many apps (and FREE) that you can download to help start your practice.  Netflix even launched a new series (HeadspaceGuide to Meditation) that helps with guided practices right in your home. 
  3. Take a walk — Fresh air is the best air (wear your mask).  Even if it’s for 15 minutes, stepping away from your computer, putting down your phone and just enjoying nature is a sure way to help your mental health state.
  4. Read A Book — We know at a time like this it’s hard to stay away from the news, social media, etc.  However, a break from all of the media is necessary, and what’s a  better way to take a break than with a good book.

With these suggestions, our goal is to encourage you to indulge in the self-care needed to get from day to day.  It isn’t easy, but with faith, and hope, we can do this together.

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