Focus, Pocus


As we head into the fourth week of shelter in place here in NYC, I am noticing that a lot of my neighbors are starting to get antsy.

Working remotely if you are not used to it or have built the muscles for it can be challenging. You’re in good company. In fact I would guess that most people would prefer to be in an office to their living room right about now.

Here are some things you can do to stay focused and hold on to you sanity:

  • When you get up, follow your normal morning routine. This is actually very important. You don’t have to put on the suit, but dress in something other than your PJs and put on the lipstick.
  • Have a designated spot to work. Don’t spread out all over your living or dining room. Find an end to the kitchen table, a corner of the living room with a TV tray for a desk or one end of your dining room table. Try to stay out of your bedroom, it’s best not to work where you sleep. This is temporary so, don’t go buying a whole bunch of stuff you will not want a year from now.
  • Headphones are your friends. With your partner, cat or dishes lurking and being distracting these will not only help block them out, it will signal you are busy. 
  • Block your calendar with work times, breaks and lunch. Then stick to the schedule. Take at least two twenty minute breaks and exercise, or walk outside (keeping a safe distance from other’s of course). 
  • Find accountability partners. Set up a virtual “cafe” with your friends or co-workers and mute everyone. Use the chat to communicate. You’ll have the company without the distraction. 

Hang in there. We will get through this.

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