Don”t Forget The Dads!

For some reason I feel like we treat Father’s Day less special than Mother’s Day, so I wanted to get this post out as soon as the month of June hit. Here at Ax3 Studios we like to celebrate all the rad dads out there. Even though they deserve their flowers, we have to be even more creative with Father’s Day gifts than we do Mother’s Day.  You may be thinking what do I do with my father figure on this day, what do I get hime, etc. Keep reading this post and we are sure by the end of it, you’ll have a full day planned!

  1. Beer tasting  — Wine is to mom’s as beer is to dad’s.  Remember we’ve been inside of the house for a while, so this may be the perfect first outing for your dad.  If you aren’t comfortable just yet participating in outside events, this is also in the house friendly.
  2. Family BBQ — It’s been a long Tim since we’ve been able to gather, so a barbecue in a park or your own backyard could be a great Father’s day gift. Let dad lounge around as you hop on the grill and cook some of his favorite dishes.
  3. Family Workout — This could be as simple as a nice walk around the park.  Spending time together is what is most important 
  4. Host family outside game tournament — Golf, Yardzee (Yahtzee on your yard), horseshoes and the list goes on.  Gather the family for dad for some family competition and fun
  5. Head out to the water — If your dad is an outside kind of guy, taking him fishing at your local body of water is a great idea and budget friendly!

Now I know a bunch of sites will suggest socks, tech gadgets, and other cool gifts for dad or your father figure, but I wanted to give you five good suggestions that were activities and requires coming together.  The time spent will last longer than material gifts.  Not saying dad doesn’t deserve gifts, but if we’ve learned anything in the last year, it’s that time together should never be taken for granted.

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