Doing Your Research 


In this day and age, doing your research, completing your spell check, making sure your i’s are dotted, and your t’s are crossed are super important. You may not know it, but this could determine the outcome of your event. If you’re wondering how, here are a few examples.

  1. Your Guest Speaker: Let’s say you have someone special in mind that you’d like to speak to or attend your event. It’s super important to do your research to approach this person. You have to find out things like, what is this person’s pronouns, do they only speak on one topic, what is the proper way they like to be approached about speaking engagements (through their website, their email, their assistant, etc.), does this person already have an event booking on the day of your event that they are promoting, is your brand in alignment with their brand, will you have to pay a travel fee because they don’t live in your area. Once you confirm them, there is even more research you have to do. What type of food do they eat, any dietary restrictions, and a particular hotel chain they prefer. All of these things are important. Paying close attention to these details could result in a long-standing relationship.
  2. Salary & Pay: This is not only relative to your guest speakers, but the staff, contractors, etc. By doing your research, you better understand pay rates for the positions you’ve hired people for. This is key, as people want to feel valued. Of course, there are people in your circle who may be willing to work for free or at negotiable rates, but the others? Pay them their worth. Paying the standard rate or even above the standard rate (if the budget permits) speaks volumes about you as a company. When people feel valued, they work better, recommend you, and more. 
  3. Elevated Events and Content: This may be the most important of all the tips. Do your research about your industry before hosting anything, even a meeting. You want to make sure you know the latest tips, tricks, etc., relevant to your project. What technology platforms are people using, what features are people using the most on social media, and the latest trend in designs and meetings. You want to know all of these factors so that your event is considered up to date, in style, something that people want to attend.

Even though it may take a little more time to plan, doing your research and paying close attention to the small details can bring maximum results. This may be what sets your event apart from other similar events in your industry. We want your events to exceed client and staff expectations; after all, this is beneficial in the long run!

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