Broadway, Piece of Cake. Potty Training? Not So Much.

Our team recently announced that Book Of Mormon’s star and supermom Kim Exum will speaking on the panel at NetworkBae.  It is with great pleasure that we share this exclusive interview with the Broadway actress. Keep reading below as we discuss NetworkBae and motherhood!

What are you looking forward to bringing to NetworkBae?

I’m looking forward to bringing an open and honest perspective on how motherhood and womanhood work in tandem with each other. I feel like being a mother has heightened my sensibilities to what I want as a woman—wants that are separate from my mothering and my child. It is important that all women have goals that are solely for themselves. Having a child and a S.O. does not have to mean that you have to endlessly sacrifice yourself for the collective.  

As a Broadway actress, how have you pivoted during this time / stayed creative?

I’ve probably been spending way too much time on social media and watching Real Housewives, but other than that, I’ve made a few short home movies that have brought me joy, helped produce an awards show called “The Antonyo Awards” with Broadway Black, shot a series of commercials, and randomly dissected and performed Shakespeare for myself. 

Now that you’re home more, have you learned anything new as it relates to motherhood?

I have learned that the work that I do outside of the home is essential for me. I love my baby and I am grateful to have this time with her, but I require my art to sustain my spirit in its fullness. I need the balance in order to function in a space of happiness. Also, potty training is hard—why can’t she just go in the potty?

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