Broadway is Back!

Broadway is back and we at Ax3 Studios have the up and close and exclusive preview of the shows.  We most recently attended both a preview of Lackawanna Blues as well as one of the most anticipated new plays Thoughts Of A Colored Man. 

While we will review the plays, we also want to approach this from an event perspective.  This is the first time theaters have been open since the shutdown during the pandemic, and the protocols are very different.  Upon arrival of the Lackawanna Blues play, vaccination was required.  We wore masks, but not sure that it was required, as there weren’t any signs or announcement.  However for Thoughts Of A Colored Man (and unsure if this was just for opening night), audience members could have vaccination or those who weren’t fully vaccinated were required to go to the Music Box across the street to get a rapid test.  Upon entrance of the theatre there were ushers who walked around with signs throughout the entire play with signs that reminded the audience to keep their masks on at all times. This made us feel extremely safe while being able to be amongst people again.  We would recommend eating before or after the play, as they no longer serve snacks.  They are however serving drinks in to go cups that ultimately could be saved as a souvenir. After both plays due to COVID restrictions, the cast members no longer do meet and greets post performance, however if you stick around long enough, eventually they come out and take pics.

Now back to the performances! Can we say outstanding! Lackawanna Blues  is a phenomenal one-man staged play.  For Ruben Santiago to be able to play so many characters as one person is mind blowing. There were moments where you didn’t see him as a person but just the character.  He doesn’t change clothes, there’s no intermission, but he makes each and every character come alive to the point where that doesn’t even matter. We highly recommend this play and give it a 10/10.

Thoughts Of A Colored man is one of the newest plays to come to Broadway and according to Deadline is one of the best new plays to ever hit Broadway.  This seven man stage play is also making history as the first play to ever have an all Black male cast, Black playwright and Black director. We had the exclusive opportunity to attend the opening show (front row too)! When asked, Mack Wilds who plays anger says “There’s something about touching people, being a voice people who aren’t usually as eager to speak their feelings, they fears, and their hopes and dreams.  For people to come everyday, eight shows a week, and leave feeling seen or understood… I’ve done many jobs but nothing like this.” This play definitely gets a 10/10 from us as well. 

We hope you all have read these reviews and are now not only ready to see the plays, but feel safe doing so!

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