2021, We’re Ready!

The event industry has taken a major loss the last couple of months due to COVID19. While a lot of events have been cancelled, that should not stop you from preparing for 2021.

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Live vs Pre-recorded – Virtual Presenting

The thing with live, is that it’s, well – LIVE. Anything can happen, and under normal circumstances that is thrilling, BUT I think we can agree that patience is wearing thin on kids yelling in the background, dogs barking, bad connections and garbage trucks backing up.

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Go Live!

As we’ve entered another week of social distancing, it continues to inspire creative ways to still connect with clients and followers. One marketing tool that is being used in a great way is Instagram Live.

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Be Patient

This remote culture thing is an adjustment isn’t it? Here are some more thoughts for both managers and employees!

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Focus, Pocus

As we head into the fourth week of shelter in place here in NYC, I am noticing that a lot of my neighbors are starting to get antsy.

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Working at home with a TODDLER!

This article was written by Ax3 Studios Operations Manager Extraordinaire, Marika Andersson. She like so many are home trying to work with their families, partners and all the distractions of home life around. She agreed to share her thoughts and tips.

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The Best Line

I am ready. #LetsGo! Oh wait. I can’t. I am in line. And as per the story of my life ,I am in the wrong line. The slow one. With no one to blame but me because I picked wrong.  We have done it, you know, that odd assessment to determine “Which line is shorter?”

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Cell Phone

Cell Phone Social

At a conference last weekend, I found myself surrounded by people who were being extremely social…with their phone. Despite hundreds of actual human beings within a few feet, the majority were head down, face illuminated, typing away, even as they were interacting. According to the Pew Research Center this is as unsurprising as it is

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Wonder Woman Exclusive: Timea Gaines

In this first installment of Wonder Woman Exclusive: 5 Minutes With an Industry Leader, fantasy becomes reality, Friends.  Once a month we will share our five minutes spent with a fascinating woman on Ax3Studios Blog – check back or click to subscribe! First up, we’d like to introduce Timea Gaines. You might recognize her from the consecutively sold out SheROCKS, an event she created to celebrate

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