The Best Line

I am ready. #LetsGo! Oh wait. I can’t. I am in line. And as per the story of my life ,I am in the wrong line. The slow one. With no one to blame but me because I picked wrong.  We have done it, you know, that odd assessment to determine “Which line is shorter?”

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Cell Phone

Cell Phone Social

At a conference last weekend, I found myself surrounded by people who were being extremely social…with their phone. Despite hundreds of actual human beings within a few feet, the majority were head down, face illuminated, typing away, even as they were interacting. According to the Pew Research Center this is as unsurprising as it is

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Wonder Woman Exclusive: Timea Gaines

In this first installment of Wonder Woman Exclusive: 5 Minutes With an Industry Leader, fantasy becomes reality, Friends.  Once a month we will share our five minutes spent with a fascinating woman on Ax3Studios Blog – check back or click to subscribe! First up, we’d like to introduce Timea Gaines. You might recognize her from the consecutively sold out SheROCKS, an event she created to celebrate

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