Be Patient

This remote culture thing is an adjustment isn’t it?

Here are some more thoughts for both managers and employees:

Bosses & Managers:

Being the person who has to coordinate and wrangle the team is a big job. It just got bigger with everyone working from home. Between technical issues, scheduling and all the distractions, you must be stressed to max right about now. The work still has to get done. Even in a pandemic… right?!? These are extraordinary circumstances and require extraordinary leadership.

  • Collect from your team members their ideal work schedules. Ask them to consider childcare, their partner’s schedule and any other person needs that will take time out of the day. Since everyone is home, trying to get focused work time is a challenge for everyone. If your team member comes back and says, “I can work 5am-10am and then again 8-11pm”, let them. Please don’t schedule a call for them at 2pm, respect their time and they will respect your deadlines.
  • In my last post I talked about communication. I mention it here again. A team is not a team without constant communication. Think of yourself as a coach on the sideline. Use whatever platforms you need to stay connected. Give departments their own Zoom Room and let them be on all day if needed. 
  • Set clear expectations and deadlines, but let go of the “how”. What matters now is that the work gets done and done well. How a particular employee gets there has to be let go of. Obviously in industries with strict codes and regulations, work has to happen within these contexts, but what I mean is, why care if a project is completed at 12am or 4pm as long as it is presented when it was asked to be presented.
  • Be patient and give yourself some grace too. This is a brave new world for you too and it’s ok to reach out for support from your HR departments or your bosses.

Team members & employees:

  • Go easy on your bosses and managers, they are trying to figure this all out, just like you. They have families, distractions, fears and pressures too. 
  • Be clear about your availability with your managers. If you have a small child at home and your shift is 10am-6pm, then let your boss in on it. If you are caring for a sick parent and your availability is 5am-2pm, share that with your manager. We are all juggling multiple responsibilities now more than ever.
  • Have a clear schedule with your partner. They need to work too. Take turns with the kids and make meals.
  • Be sure to have some downtime. One of the biggest myths about working from home is that you won’t be productive. In fact most people find themselves working all the time. Have your own schedule blocked out in your calendar with break times and off time. 

Overall the message here is to be patient. This is a new normal and we are all trying to adjust as fast as we can. 

What advice do you have for your fellow couch warriors?

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