Back to the Office


There are a lot of people heading back to the office after 2 years of remote work.  Some people are returning to their same office, and for others, this may be the first time you’re stepping foot in a new office.  Either way, we thought we’d share a few items you should have in your office to make being there a safe, fun, and efficient space.

  1. A laptop/computer stand — If you aren’t able to get a standing desk, a laptop stand is the net best thing. It offers some of the same benefits as a standing desk like reducing physical strains on your neck and back.  It can potentially increase/improve productivity. A laptop stand brings the screen to eye level, which is always the right viewing height.  Lastly, it prevents overheating and is lightweight and portable.
  2. Universal charging station for all of your devices — this is pretty self-explanatory. Between phones, iPads, computers, Apple Watches, AirPods, etc., having a good charging station for everything makes life easier.  It also reduces clutter. You have everything charging in one place, how awesome is that! Something your employer will also love, it can save electricity.
  3. A portable heater / A clip-on fan — two additional self-explanatory items.  Most buildings have set temperatures for their office buildings.  Having a portable heater (make sure it’s a safe one and you remember to cut it off before you leave!) during the winter and spring months always helps.  Honestly, if you’re someone who is always cold, having it during the summer months is useful as well just in case the building is too cold for you.  The portable fan would be great for someone who is the opposite of always cold.  Let’s say it’s a little too hot in your office during the winter months, pull out that handy clip-on fan to cool off.
  4. Hand sanitizer, Lysol Wipes, Sanitizing Spray, & Masks — Honestly, besides the masks, these are items that should’ve been in your office before the pandemic, but are even more important now.  Depending on how safe you feel can determine if you want to wear a mask or not. How many people are going to be in your office/cubicle on a daily basis? Having these items on hand will just help everyone feel safe.  Between allergies, flu season, and COVID, these items are going to be essential for keeping your office clean and environment bacteria-free.
  5. Snacks & A Case Of Water — Saved the best for last. For the days when you’re working long hours, forget to bring your lunch and can’t step away from your desk, have some snacks! Now of course we recommend healthy snacks, but hey having some chocolate wouldn’t hurt either. Staying hydrated is super important as well.

I know a lot of these items may sound simple, but considering it’s been a while since everyone was in an office, it’s a great reminder. We want your new in-person office experience to be the best for you and your co-workers. Great in-person experience leads to better productivity. Here’s to a new season in the office!

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