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Ax3 Studios

Full Service, Event Design & Production Company: Local, Global and Virtual.

It's in that thrilling moment, when in five, four, three...doors open, places are set, stage is lit, mics are hot, guests pour in and my client is smiling that I feel most alive.

Based in New York City, Ax3 Studios specializes in producing high-tech, high-touch corporate events, meetings and policy conferences around the world and online.

Tasked With Planning?

Partner with us. Ax3 Studios has the global experience, talent and passion to execute your event, big or small, live or virtual. We approach each project as a blank canvas to be designed for innovative outcomes that create a lasting impression.

Yes, You Can Measure It

Your return on investment will be clear. Driven by a nearly obsessive attention to detail, Ax3 Studios will bring your event to life on time, on budget, and with measurable engagement. Our mobile on-site audio visual production, with in-house and remote capabilities, enlarges your audience size for maximum impact. From RSVP increases, to social sharing, and on-site interactive engagement in break-out sessions and groups, your event will be the most talked about event – until we do it again next year.

Let's Work Together

Ax3 Studios views events as an opportunity to foster internal and external engagement for you and your clients or team. We specialize in building a partnership with you to help your vision come to fruition and exceed expectations. 

Do What You Love & Hire Us To Do The Same

Aryn Chapman

Founder & Senior Event Producer

Marika Andersson

Operations Manager
Ariel Nachman

Ariel Nachmann

Head of Media Production

Shari Atwood


Event Producer and Coordinator

Joey Brenneman

Joey Brenneman

Stage Director, Speaker Coach and Production Stage Manager
Jeff Monner

Jeffery Monner

Technical Director
Nadine Bernstein

Nadine Berstein

Motion and AfterEffects Designer

Valerie Akin Zargarpur

Senior Graphics Designer

Nathan Townes Anderson

Nathan Townes-Anderson

3D Rendering
& Presentation Designer

Ali Zargarpur

Ali Zargarpur

& Swag Guru

We fit right in, let us join your team to create amazing experiences!

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