5 Tips On How to Feed Your Team Safely!

Ok, so we’re back in the office and it’s time for a team meeting.  Usually, we hold this meeting around lunch time, and most likely go with a catering service for an open buffet. We’re going to miss those days, but it’s time to adapt to the new normal in every aspect of lives, including in the office.  All safety precautions should be taken into consideration, but what exactly does that mean.  We don’t want to cut the food out, because of course that’s what makes the meeting easy to attend. Well if you need some help, we have a few ways to save everybody’s favorite part of the meeting safely!

Here are a few appropriate post pandemic options:

  1. Order delivery — If you have the budget, this is one of the safest options.  You can place an order for food that comes individually wrapped or per person. This eliminates having people breathe over each other’s food.
  2. Another super safe way, everybody bring their lunch.  This gives everyone the option to bring something they actually want to eat. It avoids worrying about people’s allergies, or preferences (vegan, vegetarian, etc). 
  3. Box lunches — Some catering companies offer this as option.  You can send a menu of options around prior to the meeting and boom! Super easy for the catering company to deliver your order.  This also eliminates potential wasting of leftovers.
  4. Chips (individually wrapped snacks) and water — this is most likely your last option.  The only reason we’ve included it, because depending on your budget, this could work.  It might be the least popular decision for food choices, however this method may keep people awake, as It isn’t a heavy meal.
  5. No lunch, make it a quick meeting — pretty straight to the point right?

All in all, we want you to do what’s best for your team meeting / lunch while being as safe as possible.  The new norm may take some getting used to do, but it should be a lot easier as it can save you money!  Oh! And for an extra tip, if your team is meeting to celebrate, they definitely sell mini champagne bottles for everyone to enjoy!

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