3000+ Free Online Courses

Do you find yourself shopping online now more than ever? We don’t judge, we promise. However, we do suggest using some of the time and money you spend online to go  towards sharpening a skillset.  There are several universities, and programs that are offering free to pretty inexpensive courses to become certified in a particular field, learn more about a particular industry, etc. Now is the time to sign up for these classes. Why? Not only is it free information, it is for the overall advancement of your skillsets. In addition these courses are perfect for building, updating or repolishing your resume. 

This quarantine is giving us an opportunity to improve and become an even better self. We at Ax3 Studios want to help you do just that! While our blog is usually catered to event related topics, this is for people overall. We’ve developed a list of 3 free online classes, with access to over 3000 course offers that we hope you’ll consider completing. Actually, we don’t hope, we challenge you to.

Free Courses | Online Harvard University

Coursera | Build Skills with Online Courses from Top Institutions

edX | Access 2500+ Online Courses from 140 Institutions 

With companies transitioning to solely operating virtually, we advise you to take advantage of these free offerings now. As this becomes the new normal, companies will begin to charge. When we do get back to “normal”, it will no longer be business as we knew it. Having these skills will help solidify your position as an employee or entrepreneur. We want you to be ahead of the curve!

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