2021, We’re Ready!

The event industry has taken a major loss the last couple of months due to COVID19.  While a lot of events have been cancelled, that should not stop you from preparing for 2021. According to health officials, major events may not resume until Fall 2021. Some could look at this negatively, but we at Ax3 Studios encourage you to see the opportunity! This new amount of time allows you to plan an even bigger, better event.  It gives us extra time to reach out to those potential sponsors, venues, speakers, etc. 

Here are a few tips on how you can start to prepare for the success of your 2021event.

Update Your Pitch Deck

In order to secure sponsors and speakers, some form of a marketing pitch is required. Knowing that everyone is prepping their budgets for 2021 at this point, it’s a great time to establish communication and send over your updated deck.  Make sure the deck mirrors what you foresee your 2021 event to look like.  While you may think sending / resending the 2020 deck is appropriate, you may have new ideas for 2021 and want your deck to reflect that.  Revising the deck to reflect our new reality(hybrid and some virtual options) is imperative.

Keep In Contact With Your Production Team

Although it may be awhile before you can actually get together, it’s super important to stay in contact with your production team. Staying in communication with your team is also a form of good faith.  There are a lot of people who are unemployed due to this unfortunate virus. Scheduling virtual times to meet not only gives hope, but it gives your team something to look forward to. Try to keep up the momentum as much as possible!


Our founder Aryn wrote an amazing article on how to stay focused during this quarantine. This is a great time to revisit that advice.

2021 is a lot closer than you think. The time to prep is now!

Bonus Tip: Safety, Safety, Safety! Please keep in mind the new normal includes considering the safety of the client, participants and your staff. Be sure to keep this in mind when pitching, and planning your event. By putting an emphasis on safety, the client / sponsor will be grateful and more trusting in your participation

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